How To Avoid Paying Taxes When Selling Your Chicago Area House


Are you stressed about selling your Chicago area house and the potential taxes you will have to pay? We understand how overwhelming it can be to consider the costs of selling a home on top of the hassle of finding a buyer. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge tax bill at the end of the process.

The good news is that you can avoid this financial burden with the right strategy. Finding someone who can provide a loan can help you get the cash you need to pay off the taxes and other expenses. You can find a lender who is willing to finance the purchase of your home and then use that money to pay off the taxes.

How To Avoid Paying Taxes When Selling Your Chicago or Northern Indiana Home

If you are dealing with property tax issues in Chicagoland or Northern Indiana, we can help. Our latest post provides more information about how to sell your property with tax liens so you can move forward with your life. Not paying your taxes can have serious repercussions, including the possibility of losing your home. Don’t let property taxes overwhelm you; let us help you find a solution!

Pay The Liens Off

If you are having difficulty paying your property taxes, the most logical solution is to pay them off. However, if you are having trouble doing this, you can create a savings and repayment plan or contact your local property appraiser to see if they can lower the amount owed.

Saving Plan Option

Talking to a financial planner or someone who can help you take a good, hard look at your finances is a great idea. Perhaps a different perspective on your spending could be just what you need to get rid of your debt. A plan should be set up to set aside a fixed amount of money each month to pay down the amount you owe for your property taxes. If you are making consistent payments towards your balance, it is unlikely that the county will place a tax lien on you. However, remember that you will not only have to pay back the back taxes, but also any fees, penalties and interest that have been added on.


It may be possible to reduce your property taxes if you think they have been wrongly assessed. While you cannot negotiate the rate of taxation, you can negotiate the assessed value of your residence. Ensure the details of your house are accurately noted – don’t let them tell you that you have three bathrooms when you only have two and a half. The assessor will look at other homes in your area and their market value. If you intend to challenge the value the assessor has assigned to your house, make sure you have similar houses to compare it to and look at the figures in greater depth.

Find Someone To Help Like a Lender or a Cash Home Buyer

A Loan through a Lender

If you are close to having your tax lien auctioned off, obtaining a loan from a private lender may be beneficial. However, it is important to be aware that replacing one debt with another is not always the best solution. Therefore, it is important to read the fine print of the loan agreement and be aware of all the repayment terms, including the interest rate and potential penalties for nonpayment. To avoid getting in such a situation, it is important to look into all of the options available to you.

A Cash Home Buyer

Are you facing a property tax lien or any other issue preventing you from selling your home through traditional means? If so, Tony Buys Homes is here to help! As a professional Chicagoland and Northern Indiana homebuyer, we will provide you with an efficient way to sell your home, free from the hassle of additional costs and tax bills. We will handle everything from start to finish, so you can walk away from the property tax problems with ease. It’s important to remember that not all buyers are the same – when you choose to work with us, you can be sure to receive a fair price and honest treatment throughout the entire process. Selling your house directly to a buyer is one of the most efficient ways to put an end to the stress of property tax liens!