Sell My Home Fast


Who Buys Houses if You Want to Sell Fast for Cash?

During these uncertain times, many homeowners have found themselves in difficult situations when it comes to paying their bills, including mortgage payments. If you have lost your job or been furloughed, or you are experiencing another life change, keeping your home might be stretching your finances to the breaking point. You may have begun asking yourself, “Is there anyone who buys houses fast, and for cash?”

The short answer is yes. You need only look out your window to see billboards advertising companies that  “buy distressed houses” or “get you fast cash for your home” However, all cash home buyers are not created equal, and it is important to hire a reputable, honest company with experience.. There are many fly-by-night companies who will buy homes fast, within weeks or even days, but with such an important sale, you should work with a trusted professional who will give you the best sale price.

How do cash home buying companies work?

Most homes for cash companies are run by experienced real estate investors who specialize in buying and repairing “distressed” homes, before reselling the property for a higher price. Distressed can mean physical dilapidation, or the inability to continue paying for or maintaining the house. A common scenario is an heir inheriting an old or distressed house after the death of a family member and wanting to sell. Real estate investors provide a valuable service to homeowners that are short on time and money.

Can I trust a cash home buyer?

It is important to hire a respected and trusted company and to do your own research before selecting a home buyer. There is a difference between a real estate investor and a broker licensed to conduct home sales. In many cases, a cash home buyer will re-sell the house to a licensed broker, both of whom will take additional real estate commissions from the final sale price. Unfortunately, the only person who loses is you, the former homeowner. Read homeowner reviews on our website, and check reviews on third-party platforms like Yelp. You can also speak with previous customers of the cash home buying company before committing to a sale.

5 reasons to sell your house fast for a cash offer

Waiting to sell through a realtor may seem like the prudent choice, and there are certainly situations where that is the case.  However, that is not always true, and there are a great many reasons to consider a cash home buyer like Tony Buys Homes for your sale:

  1. You need the money now – If you are having to deal with hefty medical bills, care for a loved one, or are dealing with a changing family situation, you may need cash right away.  
  2. You don’t have time to wait – If you are moving or do not want to wait for a lengthy closing, a cash home buyer could help you with cash in as little as one week.
  3. Your home needs too many repairs – Many old houses, particularly those that have been in the family for an extended period, can deteriorate without warning. Homeowners facing extensive repairs or renovation before a property can be sold may want to despair and walk away, but the pros at Tony Buys Homes can help! Let us get you the cash you need, and take the problem off your hands for good.
  4. The price is right – Average rates for a fast cash offer run from 65% to 95% of the assessed property value. If you are looking at a sales price that is relatively close to the full value, and other factors like renovation or a long sales process are weighing on you, selling your home for cash could make a lot more sense.
  5. Save the stress – The simple fact that we can make you a cash offer and write you a check in as little as one week compared to a traditional real estate broker can hold a lot of appeal. If the potential reduction in price doesn’t bother you, and you just don’t want to wait, this might be the right choice for you.

Pros of selling to cash home buyers

  • Sell your home quickly, within seven days without having to wait for escrow.
  • No assessments, repairs, renovations, or closing costs.
  • Get fast cash for your home from a trusted cash home buyer
  • Do not deal with paperwork or showings!

How to sell your home fast for cash

Let Tony Buys Homes give you a free, no-obligation cash offer for your house within 24 hours of your consultation. If you accept the offer, we will help you find a closing date that is perfect for your schedule and budget. Call our local Chicagoland & Naperville office at 815-488-6373, or fill out the form on this page to get started right away.  If you were wondering, “Who buys houses fast, and for cash?” Now you know!