Sell My House During Pandemic


Should You Sell Your Home During the Pandemic?

As the global COVID-19 pandemic rages on across years, people begin to wonder whether it is wise to sell during such an uncertain time.  The answer to that question depends on many factors, but for many 815-488-6373 homeowners, it can be an ideal time to sell your home! Sale prices are higher than they have been in years, and interest rates are at historic lows.  

As COVID-19 drags on, many people have been wondering about whether you should sell your home during the pandemic, or wait for normal conditions to return and the real estate market to stabilize. The answer to that depends on many different factors, but for some, it’s never been a better time to buy, or sell your home. Sale prices are spiking and interest rates are lower than ever!

Can you sell your home during coronavirus?

Absolutely! In fact, many shrewd Chicagoland homeowners have sold their unwanted properties during the pandemic.  Even in states where lockdowns and restrictions are commonplace, people have found creative ways to list and sell homes.  Many sellers have become virtual maestros, scheduling tours, recording videos and even exploring contact-free ways of performing home sales.

The state of the real estate market

A pandemic causes untold disruptions to our national and global economy that touches our lives in millions of imperceptible ways.  Many employers allow people to work remotely (such as the author of this article), and the real estate sector has been forever changed by COVID-19.  Urban dwellers are leaving the big cities for more rural areas, and people in general are moving in volumes not seen in years.  

What this means for the market is plenty of upside and scores of potential homebuyers.  In some places, home sales have skyrocketed, with many homes being sold for much more than their market value.  A home in rural California was recently sold for more than $100,000 over its retail value!

Options to sell your home during the pandemic

Time may be a significant factor for you if you have experienced a recent life change, been divorced, laid off, or otherwise affected by the pandemic.  Your house may be an untapped asset whose value has never been higher! For you and other sellers in the Chicagoland area, two main options are available:

  • Listing your home for sale with a traditional real estate agent will net you the highest overall price, as well as a skilled and knowledgeable agent that will handle listings, showings, and the minutiae of selling your home.  Be warned, however, that you will pay handsomely for their services, between closing costs, commissions and repair bills (just to name a few)! Listing your home on the open market will also mean you face increased competition from local sellers.
  • Work with a fast cash offer home buyer like Tony Buys Homes! Companies like ours can evaluate and assess your property in as little as 48 hours and make you a firm cash offer right away.  These offers are typically between 60 and 95% of your home’s market value, depending on a number of factors.

Why you should consider selling to a cash buyer real estate investor

Real estate investors such as Tony Buys Homes specialize in flipping homes and propertiesif you are looking for someone to buy my house in Chicagoland.  Cash home buyers are usually interested in distressed or jeopardized properties that can be sold at a later date after investing in repairs and renovations.  If this sounds like your home, consider calling Tony Buys Homes at 815-488-6373 for a risk-free cash offer!

How to sell your home during the pandemic

Many buyers and sellers conduct deals without ever setting foot in the same room, and drive-by signings have become commonplace all over the country.  Cash buyers like Tony Buys Homes have quickly adapted to the new real estate market, and we can easily conduct your home sale remotely, including transferring your cash!

Now is the best time to think about selling your home fast for cash

This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the best sale price for your home. With people all over the country and the Chicagoland area relocating, it has never been a better time to sell your property. Call our local Chicagoland & Naperville office at 815-488-6373 to schedule a no-obligation consultation and get a firm cash offer right away!