Selling Your Distressed Home For Cash


What to Know About Selling Your Distressed House for Cash in Chicagoland

What do you mean by “distressed house?”

Distressed homes present some of the very toughest challenges on the real estate market.  Very few owners are actively looking for distressed properties, and even fewer are interested in taking on a project.  When we refer to a home as distressed, this includes homes that:

  • Require structural or cosmetic repairs
  • Unwanted inheritances
  • Court ordered to be sold to cover costs
  • Facing foreclosure or default
  • Require exorbitant and prohibitive upkeep
  • Environmentally hazardous location
  • And even more

Distressed property in Chicago Area

If you find yourself the owner of a distressed Chicagoland home, there is no need to despair! Whatever your reason, and whatever the condition and location of your property, the local Chicagoland cash for home buying experts at Tony Buys Homes want it! We buy houses in any condition, for any reason.

What types of homes do you buy?

We buy standalone houses, duplexes, condominiums, townhouses, and multi-tenant buildings. We even buy commercial properties from time to time. Unfortunately, we are unable to purchase mobile homes, even those with a fixed foundation.

Who are your typical sellers?

Our sellers live in the Chicagoland area. The common denominator for all of our clients is that they want to sell their house quickly and for cash. They come to us to get a stress-free sale, with NO out-of-pocket fees.

Are there any fees or obligations with getting a quote?

With Tony Buys Homes, your inspection and no-obligation quote is just that.  You are under no commitment to accept our offer, and are free to walk away at any point up until you accept!

How does it work?

Selling your house for cash is as easy as these four simple steps:

1. Call Tony Buys Homes at 815-488-6373, or fill out the short online form below

2. We make you the highest possible cash offer available.

3. Accept, and let us take care of the paperwork and all fees.  No closing costs, commissions, fees, or bills of ANY kind..

4. Close at your convenience, in as little as one week. Walk away with your check.

Is it better to sell with a realtor or Tony Buys Homes?

Do not get us wrong.  There are benefits to hiring a real estate agent.  You will get closer to market value for your property, and be able to take advantage of the experience and contacts of an experienced realtor.  However, you will spend much more time, and be responsible for fees, commissions, and closing costs, just to name a few! 

With Tony Buys Homes, we give you a fair offer immediately.  When a cash home buyer purchases a home for cash, we assume an obligation to invest further capital and time to bring the property up to code and ready to be sold, whether that is a month or five years from now.  

Simply put, we’ll give you a fair offer that factors in our necessary investment in the property, and it will likely be less than listing your home with a realtor. 

Are all “distressed house” buyers the same?

The local Chicagoland & Naperville team at Tony Buys Homes prides itself on being family-owned and operated.  We have been helping homeowners just like you with quick cash when they need it most, with no shady tactics and full transparency on every transaction.  Work with your neighborhood real estate investor and make sure you are getting a fair deal from a trusted source.

Call Tony Buys Homes for all your questions!

If you are ready to get started selling your distressed home, simply call our local Chicagoland & Naperville office at 815-488-6373, or fill out the brief form on this page and we will get in touch with you right away.

Yes! We’re here for you and want you to feel absolutely sure about selling your distressed property for cash. Call us at (813) 213-4884 or send us an email at